Christmas Clay Snowman – Instructions


  1. Sculpey III (blue, white, gold, black, red, two types of green)
  2. Tools – pin tool, cutting tool, square cutter.

Couple of assumptions, I’m assuming you’ve looked at the other blogs and know the following:

  1. how to make backgrounds (penguin)
  2. Cupped hand technique (penguin)
  3. how to make candy canes (robin)
  4. how to add a small nose to a face (reindeer)

If not, just look at my previous blogs and you will be able to see the techniques and detailed pictures.  I tend to build on techniques that I’ve shown before.

How to make the snowman.

1.  Make a background with trees and snow.  My background is approx 1.75 inches/4.5cms.


Then take a white stick of clay and cut it half, quarters, eighth’s then sixteenth’s.

2.  A quarter will be used for the bottom of the snowman.  An eighth will be used for the body of the snowman, and a sixteenth will be used for the head of the snowman.  Make balls from the three different sizes.


3.  Prepare all the pieces for the snowman.  Cut the balls in half, make a candy cane in colours of your choosing, then I have a golden cone for the nose, three tiny balls for the buttons, and a black thin snack and a black oblong approx 3/4 inch long for the hat.


4.  Cut a slither from a brown stick, cut the slither in two, then cut a ‘Y’ shape in both halves to create the snowman’s arms.


5.  Now let’s start to assemble.  First I place the bottom, body and head of snowman at an angle on the background. Then add the black rectangle for a stovepipe hat.


6.  I place the black snake around the hat to secure to the head of the snowman.  I then use a pin tool to create a hole in the head to place the nose into the face.  Finally using the pin tool I make two eyes, and I use the edge of a circular cutter to make the smile.


7.  I add the buttons, one on the body and two on the bottom, and the arms either side.  You now have a basic snowman.


8.  I like to add two layers of scarf using two greens.  First I add a little bit of the cane around the neck to secure the head to the body, then I add the second longer piece, around the neck and make a feature of the end with a fringe.


9.  I like to add a little holly in his hat (two tiny balls of read, and a diamond shape flat green piece of clay) and add a red/white candy cane in the snowman’s hand.  This is optional.  He could hold a christmas pudding or a cracker, or something equally as Christmasy.


10.  Now you have a final snowman.  Note that I usually make two snowmen at the same time.  As you create the white balls of clay any way, it saves a bit of time.






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